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Bitcoin Emojis

Bitcoin doesn’t have a formal emoji (yet) but rather an approved Unicode character ₿.

All is not lost though, Twitter introduced a pretty great Bitcoin emoji (using the hashtag #Bitcoin) in February of 2020

Some of the more common emojis for Bitcoin discussion are below. The Rocket and Moon emoji are likely the most popular.

₿ to the 🌕 !

Popular Bitcoin Emojis

Bitcoin Emoji Combinations

🐋 are on 🔥 today!

Bitcoin to the 🌕!

Never give anyone your private 🔑!


We need more ₿ before the 🚀 takes off!

Covid Emojis

You have probably seen a lot of new emojis the past year. From needles to soaps and masks, 2020 was surely a year of emoji growth.

Below are emojis related to COVID-19 along with examples of use in text messages, social media and more.

Don’t forget to 🧼 your 👏 and wear a 😷!

Popular Covid-19 Emojis

Covid-19 Emojis by Category


💉 Syringe

🏥 Hospital

🚑 Ambulance

🩸 Drop of Blood

🤕 Face with Head-Bandage

😷 Face with Medical Mask

🤮 Face Vomiting

🤒 Face with Thermometer


👏 Clapping Hands (looks like washing hands)

😷 Face with a Medical Mask

🤦 Face Palm

💧 Droplet

🖐️ Hand with Fingers Splayed

🧴 Lotion Bottle / Liquid Soap

🤲 Palms Up Together

🚰 Potable Water

✋ Raised Hand with Fingers Splashed (indicates clean hand)

🧼 Soap

💦 Sweat Droplets


🧍–6ft–🧍Social Distance (6ft apart)

🚫 + 🤝 Don’t Shake Hands

🧴 + 👏 Wash Hands

🚫 + 🤧 + 👐 Don’t sneeze into hands

🚫 + 🏟️ No Large Gatherings

🦠 + 🔬 Get Tested

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